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A note from Ed:

I have lived in Arkansas since the age of one and am the oldest of three brothers. My father and mother met in Atlanta where he attend seminary and she graduated from nursing school. During my pre-school years, we lived in several Delta towns (Methodist ministers got moved a lot more back then). My school years were split between McGehee and Little Rock. I attended McGehee High School, but moved to Little Rock during my senior year and graduated from Hall High.

Since the age of twelve when the allowance stopped, I’ve worked. My brother and I mowed yards, raked leaves and started the first paper routes in McGehee. He took 4th and 5th streets, I took 2nd and 3rd. At fourteen, I became the usher at the local theatre and stocked at a grocery store. During college I worked at Satterfield’s in Conway. During the summers, I was a lifeguard, roofed houses, sold furniture for Dalton Dailey (hardest working man I ever knew) and sold cars at Little Rock Dodge and Walt Bennett Ford.

I received a B.A. from Hendrix College with an emphasis in Biology and went to work for T.J. Raney & Sons in early 1981 as an investment broker. Witnessing and participating in the turnaround of this nation from the mess left by Carter to the prosperity of the Reagan years left a lasting conviction that free people and free markets make America her best. I remained in investment banking until 1994, after working seven years for Stephens Inc., where I learned the job-creating necessity of capital investment in Arkansas. In 1990, I co-founded Mama’s Manna Bakery based on family recipe and am sole owner today. Of all the jobs, running a small business is the hardest.

From beginning to the present, my life has been an experience-rich overview of what it is to be an Arkansan. I am blessed with a unique wealth of experience. At age three, before I could speak in complete sentences, I knew the names of the makes of tractors that passed the parsonage in Grady. Folks were sure I would be a farmer. As a youth, I knew what it was to walk the fields with gumbo mud clinging to your boots like ten pound snowshoes and walk back after dark on the same, but now frozen, field… glad Mom left the back light on so you could see it from two miles away through eyes squinting from the cold. (As an adult, I know what it is like to park your Suburban on frozen gumbo before sunrise and spend the whole day after the morning duck hunt getting a dual wheel tractor to come and get you and the little dozer that came to help you, out.) I have been inspired by our state’s top capitalists and by the man who put his kids through college by mowing the yards in McGehee. I have learned the lessons Arkansas can offer in a Hendrix College lab and with a Lab on a duck hunt. I have learned what money can do in her investment houses and in her houses of worship. I have experienced trading the world financial markets and I have sold bread from my company at the Farmer’s Market. I have traveled our nation to make presentations in investment board rooms and exchange ideas at legislative summits but always been very thankful to return home again to my family and Arkansas.

Well, that’s quite enough about me. This election is about you and Arkansas.

With all the variety of experiences in our State there is one constant…Our people and their Spirit. Arkansans are connected to each other and this land. We value each other, our environment and our opportunity. We are a humble, hard-working, charitable and God-fearing people. We are the bearers of a legacy and great gifts. And now the future calls us to make the most of our resources and lead. Our nation will witness our example.

There are those who would represent Arkansas as a needy place. I prefer to look at the incredible potential. The people of Senate District 15 show by example that there is a better future in store for our children and our State. Imagine Arkansas…Prosperous. I will carry your ideas to the State Capitol to represent your values and entrepreneurial spirit as we take on the challenge to prosper Arkansas. We are defined by our aspirations. I humbly ask for your vote and your continued involvement after the election.


Representative Ed Garner