Ed Garner is a proven legislator.  During his three terms in the House of Representatives, Ed Garner authored major legislation to create an environment for a more Prosperous Arkansas.  Here is a sample of bills sponsored by Rep. Garner.

You can see a complete list of bills sponsored & co-sponsored by Ed Garner. Please see the links below:

2011 | 2009 | 2007

Bill to Eliminate the Capital Gains Tax – Part 1, 2009

The Arkansas Capital Gains Reduction Act of 2009 would have eliminated the Capital Gains Tax on new investments in Arkansas.  New investments in our State would create jobs.  Passed the Democrat-controlled House Revenue and Tax Committee (5 Republicans of 20 members) and out of the Democrat-controlled House (28 Republicans out of 100).  The bill was killed in Senate Revenue and Tax Committee, brought back to the House, the vote expunged and the bill sent to interim study.  Read about this important legislation here… (HB1947)

Bill to Eliminate the Capital Gains Tax – Part 2, 2011

This was the same bill Garner authored in his second term.  The focus is job creation.  It passed the House in one of the more dramatic battles of the session.  You can watch House Revenue and Tax Committee testimony here, select HB1002. Watch the proceedings on the floor in the House here, again, select HB1002. Unfortunately, the bill fell one vote short of passing the Senate Revenue and Tax committee. Read (HB 1002)

Arkansas State Income Tax Cut

In his first term, Ed Garner was successful in authoring and passing out of the Revenue and Taxation Committee (5 Republicans of 20 members) and out of the House (25 Republicans of 100 members) a State Income Tax cut.  The bill passed the House 66-27.

The Income Tax Pledge of 2007 (HB2665) was designed to trigger a reduction of the State Income Tax rate by ¼ of one percent when revenues created a surplus.  Read the bill here  (link to Archives)

Open Checkbook for Higher Education

Garner originally filed this bill as the first open checkbook bill of the session to include all of State Government.  The Senate open checkbook bill, which passed, did not include Higher Education spending.  So Garner amended his bill to make sure that all State government spending was online and searchable.  This became law.  Read (Act 1163)

Bill to Fund a Statewide Trauma System without raising the Cigarette Tax

Ed Garner authored this bill to fund the costs of the trauma system by using existing reserve funds from the insurance trust fund and imposing an additional fine on violations related to injury.  It raised 30 million, the amount needed, without raising a 110 million dollar cigarette tax.  (HB 1238)

Raising the Age to be able to Operate a Motorized Bicycle Within Larger Towns

Garner passed this bill to insure that kids driving motorized bikes/scooters on our city streets are of age to exercise good judgment.  This legislation was requested by the Maumelle City Council.  Read (Act 1221)

To Provide for Elected Positions on Improvement District Board

This law was requested by the Maumelle City Council.  This allows the election of the Maumelle Water board positions by citizens served by the utility.  Read (Act 1225)

Expanding Criminal Background Checks

 Ed passed this law to protect the elderly, mentally ill or developmentally disabled.  Read (Act 991)

Retirement of Suburban Improvement District Employees

Passed into law, Act 299 allowed the employees of Improvement Districts, some wholly inside cities, to participate in the Arkansas Public Retirement System in the same way city employees do.  Reducing costs of administering all those differing systems which gets passed on to the rate-payer.  Read (Act 299)

Bill to consolidate boards and commissions

Our State has over 400 boards and commissions which license, charge fees and regulate too much of our lives and make for an unfriendly business climate.  Some are necessary.  But 400+?  (more than the state of California)  This was one of the first major efforts to scale back.  Read (HB1269)

Tax credit for Small Businesses to offset the costs of compliance with the Streamlined Sales Tax

This would give a tax credit to small businesses to fund purchase of computers and software services to cut down on the effort of compliance with the Streamlined Sales Tax.    (HB 1610)

Bill to Allow Qualified Electricians who work for a sign manufacturer to install their signs

Ed Garner passed Act 1188.  This cut costs to the consumer, saved time and money and did away with an unnecessary level of bureaucracy.   Read (Act 1188)

A Sales Tax Exemption for Beer Manufacturer’s Purchase of Kegs

This bill was passed to put in state beer manufacturers on a level playing field with out of state producers who do not pay sales tax on the empty kegs they purchase.  Read (Act 1226)

School Bus Safety

Ed Garner authored this bill in response to an idea by a citizen.  This would put a sticker on the back of every public school bus in the state listing an 800 number to report unsafe driving.  Passed the House but stopped in Senate committee on testimony by the Administration.  Read (HB 2196)


Congratulating Rose and Ben Schwartz for Sixty Years of Marriage (HR1012)

Recognizing Officer Gregory Roussie for Displaying Valor and Bravery in the Line of Duty as a Police Officer for the City of Maumelle  (HR1013)